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Ningbo Magnetics Factory Ltd. specializes in providing magnetic materials of all kinds, magnetic products for the hardware and industrial markets and special assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers. We supply many standard items that have been on the market for over 30 years and we also, continuously develop and produce new products for our own line and for our customers. We have rolled out more than 500 items in the past ten years. We offer our product development services to customers throughout the world. We can also provide thousands of different sizes of Neodymium, Ferrite, Alnico and flexible magnets at very good quality as well as at very competitive pricing……more


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Exhibition: AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT time: 13th-17th,sept.2016 address: frankfurt, germany Booth Number: 10.1  F74

展示会:JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2016 展示日付: 25th-27th,Aug,2016 展示会住所: 東京幕張メッセ ブース NO:Hall 7.O-69