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Hanging with Magnets: The Right Kind of Magnetic Hook for the Job

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You need to hang something up but can’t seem to find a hook to hang it on. It’s a problem everyone has at some point. If you have a metallic surface available to you, then the answer could be a magnetic hook. Magnetic hooks come in all shapes, sizes and for all sorts of applications, depending on what you are looking to hang and where.

Some things to remember:

  • Not all metal surfaces are capable of holding magnetic hooks. Some types of stainless steel in particular (think of the brushed metal refrigerator in the kitchen) can be made of a type of metal that does not allow magnets to stick. This isn’t a problem with the magnet; it is just the nature of the metal itself.
  • Highly oxidized (rusty) metals might not allow magnets to stick or will weaken their weight rating. Keep your hooks on surface free of rust, especially If the weight bearing is important.
  • Electronics like flash drives, hard drives and credit cards are very sensitive to magnetism. If you are using the hooks to hang keys or wallets, be aware that you could end up with damaged or erased magnetic media.

Let’s take a look at a few of the sizes and shapes that are available to you depending on your application:.

  • Round Hooks: Round hooks generally have a round backing plate that has a magnet attached to it. The magnet could be square or round in nature but is hidden from view from the front. This is a good all-around magnet for applications like refrigerators, steel doors or cabinets. Depending on the power of the magnet, they can hold weights up to a pound and a half, or more.
  • Square Hooks: Square hooks are typically square shaped and instead of being made of a solid magnet, they are made of small-stacked magnets. Perfect for use on refrigerators (remember the stainless steel fridge tip!) these magnets can hold keys other things weighing up to four pounds.
  • Spray Gun Hooks: Looking for something a little more heavy duty? These round Y-shaped hooks are perfect for garage or workshop applications. They contain powerful neodymium magnets that are capable of holding up to 360 pounds, based on the power and size of the magnet. With more powerful magnets, remember to take care. Serious injury can occur if hands and fingers aren’t kept clear of them. Remember, magnets can corrode and rust, so if you are using in a humid or outdoor environment, keep your magnets dry and clean to prevent rust damage.
  • Carabineer Hooks: Also a heavy duty garage magnet with a built in carabineer to hang items from. They are power rated for over 360 pounds and can be used in a variety of workshop or garage applications because of the built in, locking carabineer. As above, remember to keep in mind exposure to humidity or moisture to prevent corrosion.

Magnetic hooks are a perfect solution to your space and organizational problems. Check out the quality products offered by BC Magnets to find the right magnetic hook for your applications today!




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