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Working With Magnetic Holding and Catching Tools

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The workshop is full of all kinds of tools for a variety of jobs, however one of the most versatile might be missing from the garage or bench; a magnet. Magnets are perfect for holding other tools, picking up small items that are out of reach and holding groups of small items or picking up sharp items to protect your hands. Before we get into the types of holding or catching tools that are available, let’s review some magnet basics:

  • When using magnetic tools, be aware of your working environment. Magnets can erase electronic media or damage power tools with motors. Keep strong magnets away from these items
  • Pick the right power magnet for the job. Too strong a magnet can cause injury or damage expensive work materials
  • With high power magnets like neodymium, keep fingers and hands away from edges and use the provided handles

Some types of steel will not allow magnets to stick to them. Make sure to know which materials you are using.

Wearable Magnets

Wearable magnets can be an excellent substitute for a tool belt. The best part about magnetic tool holders is that when working in small spaces, tools won’t fall out of their holders. Wearable magnets can also be used to hold bolts, nails or screws. They come in a multitude of sizes and powers and can be worn on the wrist, arm or belt.

Magnetic Bowls, Trays and Boards

Bowls and trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can attach to metal tool boxes, shelving units or machines to hold any type of item. For storage options, magnetic peg boards and tool boards might be an option. Magnetic pegboards are sturdier than conventional pegboards.Hooks attach to them magnetically. Tool boards can hold tools without hooks directly against their surface. Both of these items mount directly to a workshop or garage wall using conventional hardware.

Magnetic Lifters and Retrievers

When attempting to carry around large metal items without handles, a magnetic lifter might be an option. These tools contain powerful magnets that will attach to most metallic objects and can lift up to 100 pounds or more. Retrievers are designed to be able to lift up several times their own weight. Typically they are magnets attached to some sort of platform with an eyebolt on the top that can be used to attach to cables for lifting or used to hang items. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and powers depending on your desired application.

Batons and Sweepers

The baton is what comes to mind when most people think of a magnetic retrieving tool. It’s a magnet attached to the end of a telescoping rod that can be used to pick items up. Sweepers are super powerful magnets that can pick up sharp items from roadways, parking lots or loading docks. They attach to a fork lift or truck.

Magnetic holders and catchers are an excellent addition to any well stocked workshop. Take a look at the catchers and holders that BC Magnets has to offer and find something that would fit your needs today!



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