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These powerful magnetic assemblies with attached hooks can lift from 4 to 95 lbs. in a vertical test. Use them to hang lights, tools, keys or signs from metal doors, tool boxes, filing cabinets or any ferrous metal surface.

Part No.DescriptionMagnetLbs.Pull
07290Dia. 25mm, white coatedFerrite9 lbs.
07291Dia. 32mm, white coatedFerrite14 lbs.
07218Dia. 51.7mm, chrome platedFerrite20 lbs.
07287BDia. 28.5mm,chrome platedNeodymium35 lbs.
07587BDia. 28.5mm,chrome platedNeodymium35 lbs.
0758058x35mm, black coatedNeodymium65 lbs.

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Neodymium Hook

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