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Strong Neo Round Base With Thread Shaft

Strong neodymium round base, with male or female threaded shaft, can attach to any hardware assembly or something threaded.

Part No.Dimensions / InchesLbs.Pull
NMF8624 Dia. 15.9mm. Ni-Plated#4-40 UNC 2A male threaded15 Ibs
NMF8625 Dia. 19.1mm, Ni-Plated#8-32 UNC 2A male threaded22Ibs
NMF8626 Dia. 25.4mm, Ni-Plated#8-32 UNC 2A male threaded40 Ibs
NMF8627Dia. 31.8mm, Ni-Plated#10-32 UNF 2A male threaded61Ibs
NMF8628 Dia. 38.1mm, Ni-Plated#10-32 UNF 2A male threaded95 Ibs
NMF8630Dia. 12mm, Ni-PlatedM3 Coarse male threaded7 Ibs
NMF8632Dia. 20mm, Ni-PlatedM4 Coarse male threaded28 Ibs
NMF8633Dia. 25mm, Ni-Plated,M5 Coarse male threaded48 Ibs
NMF8634Dia. 32mm, Ni-PlatedM6 Coarse male threaded75 Ibs
NMF8635Dia. 36mm, Ni-PlatedM6 Coarse male threaded90 Ibs
NMF8637Dia. 48mm, Ni-PlatedM8 Coarse male threaded179 Ibs
NMF8638Dia. 15.9mm, Ni-Plated#4-40 UNC 2B,female threaded15 Ibs
NMF8639Dia. 19.1mm, Ni-Plated#6-32 UNC 2B,female threaded22 Ibs
NMF8640Dia. 25.4mm, Ni-Plated#8-32 UNC 2B,female threaded40 Ibs
NMF8641Dia. 31.8mm, Ni-Plated,#10-32 UNF 2B female threaded61 Ibs
NMF8642 Dia. 38.1mm, Ni-Plated,#10-32 UNF 2B female threaded95 Ibs
NMF8644Dia. 12mm, Ni-Plated, M3 Coarse female threaded5 Ibs
NMF8646 Dia. 20mm, Ni-Plated, M4 Coarse female threaded28 Ibs
NMF8647Dia. 25mm, Ni-Plated, M5 Coarse female threaded48 Ibs
NMF8648 Dia. 32mm, Ni-Plated, M6 Coarse female threaded75 Ibs
NMF8649Dia. 36mm, Ni-Plated, M6 Coarse female threaded90 Ibs
NMF8651Dia. 48mm, Ni-Plated, M8 Coarse female threaded178 Ibs

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