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Regular Magnetic Floor Sweeper

These models are incredibly strong and well built! Powerful ceramic magnets are encased in a durable aluminum housing which can be cleared of collected debris with work gloves or heavy shop towel.


The 24″ model picks up 7.5 lbs. of 8-penny nails from 2″ height ( approximately 680pcs.)

The 36″ model converts to a hang-type sweeper

All models are 1.75″ high by 5″ deep (does not include wheel dimensions)

Permanent magnetism guaranteed

Light aluminum housing, durable rubber wheels

Easy to operate over most terrain- even in water


 Part No. MFSM12 – 12″ sweeping width, 17 lbs.

 Part No. MFSM36 – 36″ sweeping width, 41 lbs.

 Part No. MFSM24 – 24″ sweeping width, 27 lbs.

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Regular Magnetic Floor Sweeper

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